The History of Homemade Wine

Egyptian Wine

Winemaking 8000BC in Mesopotamia


The long and successful history of homemade wine…

reaches far into the distant and remote past. Most likely, it began as an accident as someone allowed fruit to become fermented. No matter how it started, the history of this beverage runs deep with tales and legends.


   One of the most popular legends of the origin of wine concerned King Jamshid of ancient Persia. The king witnessed a snake attempting to kill a bird and he intervened to save this bird. In gratitude, the rescued bird provided the king with special seeds, and they were planted and nurtured in the royal garden. These seeds grew berries but their juice is bitter and was thought to be poisonous.


   The poisonous liquid was eventually taken by a slave girl bent on suicide. However, the girl found that the liquid was not deadly. In fact, it brought on a feeling of relaxation and well-being. This news reached the king and he also enjoyed the benefits of this amazing beverage. This may have been the beginning of the term “medicinal purposes”.


   Fermented beverages were very popular with most ancient civilizations such as the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians. Once these drinks entered a world it was never quite the same. Perhaps it brought temporary relief to the often harsh environment that many ancients experienced. Yet, it was also important in areas where water purity was an issue.

Ancient Clay (Amphora) Wine Pots in Peru


   Fermented drinks were made by crude methods in the beginning and eventually technology vastly facilitated the process. The development of liquid containing vessels, such as pottery was in no small part, due to the need to store wine. This beverage is responsible for many advances in container design.


   Wine has long been used for special religious purposes and considered sacred in many civilizations. You can read about its use in many ancient texts. All over the planet, civilizations have discovered the benefits of fermented drinks and have adopted them into their belief systems and lifestyles. It has grown from a simple beverage to something that is revered and of great value.


   A brief look into the rich history of homemade wine reveals many interesting facts and legends. Once you learn about this fascinating subject, you may decide to start making your own vino. If so, you will engage in a practice that has its roots into the very beginning of civilization. However, you will want to understand the entire process and learn about ventilation. Otherwise, your beautiful homemade wine creation may explode all over the place.  Lucky for us, we have pre-made wine kits to help us out.





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