Redneck Wine – 2 Week Cheap Wine Recipe

wino styleredneck wine     redneck solo cup wine

The “Quick & Dirty” Recipe 


 *Designed for Winos & those of us too impatient to wait for proper aging…

 “Dedicated to my good friend and Oklahoma Native, Stephen Bivens”




country wine and boiled peanuts

  • This method was especially useful as a young, cash-strapped Air Force Airman, living in Middle Georgia. Comparable to a thicker & much stronger version of Boone’s Farm
    • Best when served chilled or over ice 
    • Pairs well with boiled peanuts                                     





zWhat you need:

1 Gallon glass jug

1 Packet rapid rise bread yeast

1/2 cup sugar

5 cups 100% concentrated grape juice (or fruit/vegetable of your liking) 

10 cups water (clean & pure…. Clean tap water over toilet tap water)

2 Balloons (one for the wine & one to make an animal out of….I only know how to make a blowfish)


       how to make redneck wine                     wine in mason jar




  1. Sanitize jug and add juice, room temperature water and sugar
  2. Teach yourself how to Dougie with the jug in your hand…..Or just shake it up
  3. Mix rapid rise yeast into a small cup of warm water with a teaspoon of sugar and add to jug
  4. Poke a couple holes in the other balloon with a pin and place over mouth of jug
  5. Place in warm dark closet or similar location for about two weeks
  6. Pour into dixie-cup 
  7. -Get your drink on-




  1. Place in fridge for one week
  2. Siphon into empty wine bottle
  3. Place bottle into brown bag
  4. -Take one gulp at a time-

  dixie cup wine

“One Bottle of Wine & Two Dixie Cups”  

…. Kenny Chesney will not argue that statement…. 

*Keep Refrigerated*



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